Construction Management


Construction Management is beneficial to small business owners and national chains.  It puts our experienced team on the ground to oversee everything from Cost and Schedule Management to Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Fit-out.  Our team offers guidance and control, demanding the same performance of your general contractor that we would demand of ourselves.  Whether your project is local or national, JUNGSCO, INC has the expertise to oversee every aspect of your project.


1.  Bid and negotiate contracts

2.  Construction Oversight

3.  Document control & change order review

4.  Oversee draw packages, and track retain age

5.  Document Insurance Certificates & Lien Releases

6.  Cost control

7.  Field quality control

8.  Furniture. Fixtures & Equipment procurement

9.  Public Agency management

10. Coordination of inspections & certifications

11. Punch list compliance